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Bevers Was Allegedly Having Marital Problems Before Murder

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MIDLOTHIAN (CBSDFW.COM) - According to a new search warrant released by law enforcement officials in Midlothian on Thursday, murdered fitness instructor Missy Bevers was allegedly having marital and financial struggles at the time of her death and had been involved in an intimate relationship "external to the marriage."

Bevers was getting ready for an early morning boot camp class at Creekside Church in Midlothian last month when she was murdered. Authorities said that the suspect broke into the building before Bevers arrived, attacked the 45-year-old woman using an unknown object to hit her in the head and chest, and left her unresponsive on the ground. The weapon may have been a hammer.

Surveillance video showed the suspect wandering the halls of the church dressed head-to-toe in police riot gear. The killer was wearing so much clothing that authorities have not even been able to identify the individual's gender. The new search warrant, however, refers to the suspect as moving with a "feminine sway."

Midlothian Church Murder Suspect
(credit: Midlothian Police Department)

The motive behind the attack remains unclear. Police first said that Bevers may have interrupted a burglary, but that has been called into question. Some clues have even indicated that this may have been a targeted attack. Bevers had advertised the date, time and location of her class online.

According to reports, Missy Bevers' family in Red Oak was worried about her safety during these early morning workout classes. She leaves behind a husband and three children. Brandon Bevers, the victim's husband, had gone on an annual fishing trip to Mississippi the night before the murder.

Attorney and former police officer Pete Schulte said, "This is not your routine burglary. I don't want to say anything's routine but, if somebody's going to try to go burglarize a business, they're going to get in and get out and try to grab as much stuff as they can and then leave." In the security video, the suspect is never seen taking anything from the church.

Also, the victim's purse, iPad and other valuables were found still inside of her truck after the attack.

Brandon Bevers
Brandon Bevers (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

The husband could not think of a reason that anyone would have to harm his wife. "This world is full of evil people," Brandon Bevers said. He at first did not believe that this was a targeted attack, but has since changed his mind.

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A handful of phone numbers that had been in contact with the victim are now being investigated by police. Detectives are also looking into messages that Missy Bevers exchanged with others using the social networking site LinkedIn. Authorities believe that the killer might have been in contact with someone who was close to Missy Bevers.

LinkedIn Warrant 5-5-16 by Mark Schnyder on Scribd

Police are looking into who had checked sites where the fitness instructor's schedule was posted, what kind of communication those phone numbers had exchanged, and who used smartphone applications -- such maps, clocks, timers, GPS locators and flashlights -- which may have assisted in the slaying. Police also believe that images of the victim or the murder itself may have been photographed or recorded.

The following documents are the search warrant for AT&T records related to phone records for nine specific people and the search warrant for records from cell phone towers within 5 miles of the crime scene:

Their phone numbers are labelled in the warrant "Target Numbers." The nine people include Missy Bevers and her husband Brandon. His two cell numbers are listed. Also included are Missy's father-in law, Randy Bevers, and her mother-in-law Vicki Bevers.

The remaining five appear to be family friends. They include a man who said he knows Missy through their mutual involvement in the Camp Gladiator fitness program. His wife's number was also listed. Another man whose name appeared said his daughter was close friends with one of Missy's daughters. His wife's number was also listed.
Those who spoke to CBS11 all said they had no idea why they were included and that they had not had any communication with Missy in the days before her death. The warrant seeks any information about incoming and and outgoing calls… as well as text messages, e-mails, and data on the phone.

Assistant Police Chief Kevin Johnson downplayed some of these requests Thursday. He said the department was in contact with everyone listed and that they were all cooperative.

AT&T Warrant 5-5-16-Redact by Mark Schnyder on Scribd
Tower Warrant 5-5-16 by Mark Schnyder on Scribd

This was the first murder in Midlothian in the past seven years. Oak Farms Dairy is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the suspect's arrest and indictment. Since the surveillance video was released, police have gotten several tips. The FBI is also assisting with the investigation.


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