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Best Mother's Day Gifts In DFW

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 10. This year put some time, creativity and thoughtfulness into the token of appreciation you will present her. She'll be expecting flowers and a card, but with some attention to her likes, loves, and passions, you'll make this the Mother's Day she'll never forget. The gifts she'll remember are the kind you'll find at these DFW stores.

Madison 214
45A Highland Park Village
Dallas, Texas 75205
(214) 528-8118
madison214.comMadison 214 is exemplary of Highland Park class with an array of gifts that include eye-catching designer silver, glassware, china and crystal as well as decorations and accessories for the entire home. Mottahedeh Verse Trays will help mom entertain her friends, and Baccarat Crystal Butterflies add a nice extra gift. Picture frames and glass sets will also impress her.
Dude, Sweet Chocolate
408 W Eighth St.
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 943-5943
www.dudesweetchocolate.comEvery mother deserves some sweetness. For a unique burst of delectable and delicious, try shopping at Dude, Sweet Chocolate at either their Bishop Arts District location or their Fort Worth location. Innovative chocolatiers at Dude, Sweet Chocolate are constantly coming up with new recipes and flavor combinations that will tantalize taste buds like vodka chocolate or chocolate orange. Even the shapes the chocolate come in are surprising, scrumptious, and new. Where else can you find chocolate shaped like salami? They sell gift boxes of their goodies, as well as orders of their truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate sauces, toffees, and even chocolate potions.
Cowtown Winery
112 W. Exchange Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas 76164
(817) 626-1011
www.cowtownwinery.dvinewineusa.comIf your mother told you that you never listen to her, a gift from Cowtown Winery this Mother's Day might change that. Cowtown Winery will have her favorite wine, but they offer much more. If you really want to blow her away, try creating a custom batch of wine from her favorite tones and palate. If an entire batch is not in your budget, mom will still appreciate her top wine, awarded to her with a custom label telling her just how special she is.

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Marie Antoinette Spa And Gift Gallery
101 W. 2nd St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 332-2888
www.marieantoinettespa.comMom has worked hard enough all those years raising you. Maybe it's time she enjoyed some pampering herself. At Marie Antoinette Spa and Gift Gallery she can partake in services like 30, 60, or 90 minute massages, reflexology treatments and facials. Afterwards she can choose from a plethora of perfumes fit for royalty from brands like Creed, Jivago, Kneipp, and Ahava. Exclusive scents like these are a worthy gift for Mother's Day. Mom will have a new reason to brag about her children after receiving a gift from this spa and gift gallery.
403 N. Bishop Ave.
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 942-4600
shopatsociety.comWith their motto "Simple elegance for gracious living," it is easy to see how any of the items in this shops collection could add class to your mother's home décor. To further emphasize your mother's great style, add some aromatherapy to the mix with Blackbird Incense, P.F. Candles, or something from the signature Jackson Vaughan Proprietary Collection. Jackson Vaughan candles feature a paraffin wax blend, beautifully crafted containers, and are designed to burn for 90 hours. Quality and showmanship will prove to mom how much you cherish her this Mother's Day.

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Kena Sosa is a freelance writer in Dallas. Her work can be found at
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