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Best Makeovers In Dallas

Getting into a rut with your style? Maybe a makeover will rejuvenate your outlook and give you a fresh appearance. Whether you're focusing on just your hair or going for a full-blown makeover, Dallas has salons to fit your needs. Several hot spots in the heart of the city offer the best makeovers, perfect for someone looking to spruce up their appearance.

Christi Harris

13350 Dallas Parkway, Suite 1905
Dallas, TX 75240
(800) 305-2509

One of the drawbacks of a makeover is that some aestheticians are reluctant to teach customers their methods. This makes it difficult to duplicate the results at home so you can continue your new look. With the philosophy that women should be their own beauty consultants, Christi Harris is part makeup store, part amateur cosmetology school. In-store instructional sessions include brow shaping, faux face-lifts, and hair analysis and consultation. Armed with all that information, you can stock your makeup bag with products to help you maintain that fresh new look at home. For a sneak peek, visit their website to check out some instructional videos before scheduling a class.


Gia & Co. Salon

13615 Inwood Road, Suite 160
Dallas, TX 75244
(972) 679-6903

Sometimes all you need for a fresh outlook is a hair makeover. For those who are a bit shy about drastically shaking up their entire image, Gia & Co. Salon offers "hair makeovers," complete with traditional cut and color services, but also specializing in conditioning and repair treatments and hair extensions. For a special evening event, Gia & Co. also applies eyelash extensions for that extra va-va-voom. The salon also does wedding styles in store and on site.


Evolution Salon

4030 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 1003
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 528-4481

Evolution Salon offers treatments and services that culminate into one of the best makeovers in Dallas. Evolution is a traditional salon offering a broad spectrum of skin, acne, cut, color and makeup services. The salon is also home to Sherry Gilderoy, best known for being the "Makeover Maven" on the Gene and Julie show on FM radio station 103.7. Gilderoy is not only a stylist, but also an adviser on how to look fabulous at any age. At her home base in Evolution Salon, she offers complete hair and makeup makeovers. As one of the most media-friendly stylists, her website is also chock full of makeup tips, videos of cosmetic procedures and the latest finds in health and beauty products. Check it out at

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