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Autistic Teen Delivers Inspiring Graduation Speech In Plano

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) - A Plano teenager's six-minute graduation speech has reached hundreds of thousands of people and has made a huge impact on the community. The speech was a big accomplishment for the teen who is autistic and, often, non-verbal.

"My name is Sef Scott. I am a student with learning difference," he said during his speech.

Sef Scott
Sef Scott (Plano ISD/Facebook)

Scott's graduation speech was full of surprises.

"I wanted the fellow graduates to hear me the last time we would be together," Scott told CBS 11.

"Clearly he's the unexpected choice. He's the unexpected person. It's the unexpected speech," his brother, Sim Scott, said.

Sef's younger brother, Sim, and their mother, Vicki, helped write the speech. Sim helped Sef find his voice.

"My brother Sim is a nine-year brain tumor survivor who has given dozens of speeches to raise money for various children's charities," Sef said in his speech.

It took seven weeks of preparation to get to the podium at Plano Senior High School.

"I feel proud because it made people happy," said Sef.

His heartfelt message: share joy and kindness through the unexpected.

"Standing in a long line, waiting for a table at a restaurant, when your name is called, let the people behind you go first instead. That simple gesture could brighten what might be a gloomy day," Sef said in his speech.

His words brought laughter, smiles and tears.

"I could hear people crying, and I could hear more people crying. I was recording so I tried not to cry out loud, but I started tearing up," said Vicki.

The video has been viewed over 600,000 times on Facebook. Sim said he's seen a tiny transformation.

"He seemed to start talking a little more with people. He's become more social, which is good," said Sim.

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