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AT&T Makes A Mess; "They broke the fence. They broke the statue."

BEDFORD (CBSDFW) - With no prior notice, a DFW woman says she came home to find utility workers in her backyard and the mess they created.

Tuesday evening, Norma Logan says she discovered a crew from NX Utility in her backyard. She says they informed her they are a contractor for AT&T. They're in her Bedford neighborhood installing fiber optic cable. They caused some damage to her yard in the process.

"They broke many things out there," said Logan. "They broke the fence. They broke the statue. They broke some of things that I use to decorate the flower bed."

Logan says the contractors were lounging on her patio table and left empty food containers there.

The Bedford homeowner says she had no advance notice they would need access to her backyard. AT&T's contractor, NX utilities, wouldn't grant us an interview, but says they left a flier on her door and others in the neighborhood, advising residents they would be installing fiber optic cable.

As upset as Logan says she was Tuesday, she says she was even more outraged when she woke up this morning and found the utility workers returned... this time with some heavy equipment.

"Not only the equipment but they were having breakfast at my table. So what if I was in my nightgown," she asked.

NX tells us they have reprimanded the workers for leaving trash in her backyard.

The supervisor also said all the damage in her yard would be fixed and it will be in his words, "immaculate."

After CBS 11's morning interview with Logan, several representatives from AT&T arrived at her home. She says they are repairing the damage to her backyard and have offered to compensate her.

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