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Another Burger Joint Opening, To Different Fanfare

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Are you ready for a double bypass burger and a butterfat milkshake?  A new restaurant in Dallas promises to pack on pounds and clog your arteries.

But will customers embrace the Heart Attack Grill despite its blatantly unhealthy menu?   One look at the quadruple bypass burger, with four beef patties and 16 slices of bacon, shows the Heart Attack Grill aims to live up to its name.

The restaurant opens on Friday in the West End with a menu not for the faint of heart.  This is the Arizona restaurant chain's second location.

After last year's death of its 500lb spokesman, no one can accuse the heart attack grill of false advertising.   "We're not obesity for obesity sake we're promoting obesity for fun sake, I'm simply saying don't grab something through a drive through window that you're going to forget about 5 minutes later," says John Basso, Heart Attack Grill owner.

If you're over 350 pounds, the order is free, but those who take advantage of it will likely pay a price later.  Baylor Cardiologist Cara East says the food is definitely not what the doctor ordered.   "Maybe it's just wanting to think back to the way we ate in the 50s, but in the 50s we led the world in heart disease, we don't want to go back there," says Dr. East.

The waitresses resemble nurses but only to raise your heart rate even more than the food.

While the burgers promise to stop your heart, the business is breathing new life into a part of the West End that's been on life support for years.   The grand opening could include critics of the restaurant who plan to protest its theme of promoting obesity.

The opening comes a day after the official opening of new In-N-Out Burger locations in North Texas.

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