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Angry Dallas Neighbor Allegedly Kills 2 Over Dog Poop

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Residents at the Sable Ridge Condominium complex say they'll never forget the sound.

Michael Issa says the eight gunshots that rang out Monday morning scared him.  "I just know I heard a whole bunch of gunshots at 8 a.m.  I dove over my son to protect him."

Neighbor Yolanda Washington said, "I heard three [gunshots], then it stopped and I was about to rise up on the floor, and I heard five more and I got back on the floor."

Dallas police say the suspect shot and killed two residents.

Neighbors say both bodies lay outside.

While police haven't identified the victims yet, neighbors say they include a Dallas man and his girlfriend, who's the mother of five young children, ranging from 10 years in age, to a baby born just after Christmas.

Police believe the shooting was the result of an ongoing dispute between the couple and their accused shooter, an elderly man who lived downstairs from them.

Neighbors say the feud had been going on for nearly a year, and centered on a Pit Bull that lived in the couple's unit.  Issa said, "From what I'm hearing now, they've had a lot of arguments over the pet dog,  urinating on that balcony. But as far as I know personally, I've never heard them argue or fight."

Resident Gilbert Leal says, "It's very sad. I heard the gunshots this morning. When I saw and heard it was her, how do you take this? She's here one day, gone the next. It's very sad."

Neighbors say the problem was the dog went to the bathroom on the balcony, which often dripped downstairs onto the suspect's balcony.

Residents tell us noise was also a problem.

Leal says the suspect often complained to condo management about the problem.  "He got frustrated because he didn't get the cooperation of the board and management to enforce the rules and regulations."

But Leal says what the suspect is accused of doing is "completely unjustifiable."

A spokeswoman with Child Protective Services says all five children will now live with relatives.

Neighbors say four of those children were at school when the shooting happened; the newborn was actually inside the apartment, but was unharmed.

A police affidavit identifies the suspect as 75-year-old Chung Kim. He's being charged with Capital Murder. A statement released by police says Kim is hospitalized for treatment of a medical condition.

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