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Accused Attacker's Ankle Monitor Goes Dark For 6 Hours

LANCASTER (CBSDFW.COM) – Maria Escamilla says she's endured more than 500 stitches and suffered through four surgeries.

She says she now lives in constant fear, "...paramedics were surprised I even made it to the hospital."

Escamilla's ex-boyfriend, Jose Arreola, is accused of brutally beating, stabbing and sexually assaulting her more than a year ago in their Lancaster home.

"I suffered three broken ribs. A collapsed lung. A nearly severed finger," said Escamilla. "Multiple stab wounds to by body and face. Multiple fractures in my face and loss of a lot of a lot of blood."

Arreola has been out on bond since.

An ankle monitor ensures his every move is tracked, but last week for more than six hours, it went dark.

At the Dallas County Courthouse, the D.A.'s office argued Arreola cut it off himself.

The D.A.'s office wanted his bond raised and Arreola back in Jail.

Defense attorneys countered that the monitor came off accidently while Arreola was jumping on a trampoline.

Judge Fred Tinsley, without elaborating, didn't think there was a violation and let Arreola walk out of court Monday.

He's still wearing an ankle monitor.

CBS 11 News wanted to talk to Arreola, but when reporter Arezow Doost tried to ask him a few questions he ran away.

His attorney didn't have much to say either.

When asked for comment Arreola's attorney Michael Todd said, "Yeah no comment."

Arreola has had a prior violation with the ankle monitor. Back in January he went to an unauthorized location without permission.

CBS 11 news tried to talk to Judge Tinsley too about why he let Arreola walk out of court, but he declined comment.

Escamilla says the justice system failed her and she hopes that won't be the case when Arreola's trial starts in June.

When asked if the only way she'll feel safe is if he's in jail Escamilla responded, "It will give me some kind of peace of mind I will never feel safe again ever."

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