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Abortion Protestors Target High School Students With Graphic Images

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - In front of Eastern Hills High School in Fort Worth, as students head inside, a group of activists stand just steps away trying to teach and preach their message.

"We try to engage them in conversation and ask them what they think about life whether or not they think it's OK to kill pre-born children," says Jered Ragon, who is Director of Abolitionist Society of Fort Worth. "It's one of many  efforts of our Abolitionist Society that bring the gospel and conflict with evil of our age which we believe to be abortion obviously."

The group insists it's preaching the gospel.

YouTube video shows members talking to students and even confronting parents who don't want them there in front of the high schools.

Members of the group want to end abortion and they've taken their message to the different high schools in Fort Worth at times with graphic images.

"That kind of protesting is not appropriate in front of a school where children have to walk by they have to be inundated," says parent Caryn Perry.

Last week, the group was at Western Hills High School.

Some parents say they're concerned about what the activists are showing and telling their children.

"This isn't religious, moral, ethical, belief this isn't none of that for me this is location," says Perry. "I get freedom of speech go for it, but let's be considerate of these children - these are minors."

Perry has been showing up with a garbage bag for all the pamphlets the group has been handing out, "I would say do you want to throw that away somewhere -  is there some place you would like to throw that away."

Her daughter who is a freshmen says it's been distracting.

"I get their message," says Rosemary Perry, 15. "I didn't like the pictures they were using it was just bad."

Parents say they worry the group is too close to the front of the high school.

A spokesperson with Fort Worth ISD says they can't do anything about it because the group is on a public sidewalk.

Fort Worth ISD has looked into complaints and says the group has a right to free speech as long as they are not interfering with the business of education.

Parents want the school board to consider a buffer zone.

They say they get freedom of speech, but just not right in front of the bus stop.

"If they understood the message, if they actually agree then they wouldn't be upset about us being out here.  They would be here with us," says Ragon.

Parents say they are now trying to do more research and then will go to the school board to see if anything more can be done.

Meantime, they are spreading the word about several petitions trying to put an end to this type of protesting at schools.

Click here to view the petition at and click here to view the petition at

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