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911 Call From Animal Hospital After Deadly Pit Bull Attack Of Owner: 'We Can't Get Her'

IRVING, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Irving Police released the 911 call Monday that came from the O'Connor Animal Hospital on Wednesday, March 20, when a pit bull attacked and killed her owner while she was visiting her two pit bulls at the facility.

The staffer who calls 911 sounds shaken and a little out of breath when she tells the dispatcher a dog bit her owner at the facility and staff is unable to get the dogs away due to their aggressive nature.

She explained the dogs were quarantined for that reason:

CALLER: Yes.  We need an ambulance at 3014 North O'Connor Road at O'Connor Animal Hospital.

DISPATCHER: Okay. What's going on?

CALLER: A dog bit her owner.  She's on the floor.

DISPATCHER: Okay has the dog been controlled?

CALLER: No she's still outside.  We can't go out. She's over her.  We can't get her.  It's her owner and both of the dogs are in quarantine so they're extremely aggressive. 

DISPATCHER: So the dog is over the person that she bit?

CALLER: Yes, so she's on the floor outside.  She was walking them and the dog is there. She's full of blood.

When paramedics and animal control arrived, officers shot and killed the two dogs in order to get to the victim, who had died.

Police said the attack was caught on security video but it will not be released due to its graphic nature unless the Texas Attorney General requires it.

Sources tell CBS 11's J.D. Miles the attack lasted 31 minutes before anyone in the animal hospital realized what was happening.

Irving Dog Attack
Two pit bulls attacked their owner at an animal hospital in Irving, police say. (Credit: CBS 11)


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