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5 Reasons DeMarco-Claus Can't Be Benched

Ben Rogers | @BenRogers

The idea that Jason Garrett should punish DeMarco Murray for his fumbling problems is laughable for the following 5 reasons:

1. Murray is currently the primary beacon of hope for the entire season.

Bench him and you bench your hopes. Who benches their hopes? That's like benching Santa in December to teach him a lesson.

2. Who carries the load when the Cowboys bench Murray?

They are clearly trying to establish an identity as a run-first, steam-rolling, smash-mouth offense. Lance Dunbar, although explosive in short doses, is not an every down back. He's the exact size of an average high school sophomore debate team member.

Joseph Randle has done very little to impress in his time here. Murray is the man, and it ain't even close.

3. What would benching Murray truly accomplish?

Teach him that fumbling is bad? Wake him up? Force him to remember not to fumble? He knows it's bad. He's awake. He remembers. I'm certain no one is more aware of how problematic these fumbling issues are than DeMarco Murray himself. Not only is he a fierce competitor, but he's also in a contract year. No one has to remind him anything right now. He gets it.

4. Murray only fumbled 3 times in his first 3 seasons.

He's not a fumble-prone back. This will pass. It's just allergies, not a zombie apocalypse.

5. In addition to fumbling in each of the first 3 games, Murray is the NFL's leading rusher… who by the way, just started a season with 3 consecutive 100-yard games.

If he gets a c-note each week, I'm ok with a few fumbles here and there. I don't love it, of course. But what he's doing when he's NOT fumbling has been far more important than the fumbles.

Keep Santa in the sleigh, Jason. The Cowboy nation needs presents.

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