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4 Police Officers Shot At While Helping Accident Victims On Roadside: 'This Needs To Stop'

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The investigation continues into finding who shot at four officers while they were helping victims of a traffic accident at the intersection of John West Road and La Prada Drive.

The shooting happed on October 31, 2020, at 6:58 p.m.

Two Dallas police officers along with two Mesquite officers -- all in uniform -- were targeted, according to Dallas Police Association president Mike Mata.

"They were waiting on a wrecker and directing traffic when all of the sudden bullets are coming their way," said Mata.

Immediately following the initial shot, 4-5 additional shots were fired. The officers took cover and called for backup.

The officers were able to safely run toward the area of the gunshots in an attempt to locate a suspect or suspects. As officers were running, they heard screaming coming from 8300 La Prada Drive.

Mata said a 19 year-old believed to be the gunman was found and arrested for unlawful carrying of a weapon. His gun is now being tested to see it was indeed the weapon used in the shooting.

"If it comes though attrition that this is the individual that fired those rounds at officers, it absolutely was intentional and unfortunately, it's a narrative that's being carried across the country by a very small percentage, but vocal amount of people," Mata said.

He said across the country, there's several recent examples of unsuspecting officers targeted for no reason.

"The protests that we've had in the past, we've had individuals that were throwing bricks," he said. "What happened in New Orleans with that officer that was shot in the face doing nothing but sitting in his squad car. This narrative that the police are the public's enemy has to stop because it is not true."

Mata said not only is this causing significant stress for officers and their families, but it's taking a toll on mental health.

The DPA's Assist the Officer Foundation provides confidential counseling to officers and their families. Mata said in the last three years, demand for services has increased more than 200%.


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