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2004 Video Shows Aransas Judge Beating Disabled Daughter

Aransas Judge Video Capture
Screen capture from YouTube video uploaded by Hillary Adams.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A disabled woman has taken revenge on her father, Judge William Adams, by posting on YouTube a secretly filmed video of him beating her with a leather belt.

The shocking film shows Court-at-Law Judge William Adams from Aransas County, Texas, repeatedly striking his daughter Hillary as she whimpers in agony.

According to a note attached to the posting Hillary claims she was beat for acquiring music and games on internet sites her parents disapproved of.

Taken in 2004 when the girl was 16, the footage has swept the Internet after she decided last week to make it public by uploading it to the web.

The graphic video contains violence and offensive language.

Update: From the Aransas County website.

Judge Burt Mills has announced that Aransas County is aware of the video posted on YouTube regarding County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams, and the matter is now under review by the Police Department.

Please refrain from communication with County offices or the Sheriff's Department on this matter until the review has been completed. Calls, emails, and faxes only create disruptions for other ongoing county business. The public's cooperation would be most appreciated.

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