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More Than 2 Dozen Dallas Neighborhoods Flooded Following Days Of Rain

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Several days of rain has led to flooding in more than two dozen Dallas neighborhoods.

City crews have been working around the clock to fix the problem.

"It's been so busy," Dallas Stormwater Operations Supervisor Adan Guzman said. "Just today was between 30 to 40 cases as an emergency."

Guzman said any time it rains, water carries debris which can clog inlets and lead to flooding.

"It's very dangerous," he said. "Car flooding, home flooding, neighborhood flooding."

When flooding is reported to 311, it's his crew's job to fix it. They pick up what they can with their hands, bring in a giant truck that vacuums up debris and a hose that breaks through any debris.

However, not everything can be broken up.

"We just found a big old safe over there," Guzman said. "One of the biggest concerns we have is the pollutants, the trash," Andrew Wallace, with the water quality team, said. "That's how we get a lot of fish kills and harmful, harmful things to a lot of the different animals is when the water can't flow."

This type of trash has to be removed manually and then the cameras come in.

"We'll put it down off into the storm drain," Warren Hill said. "Maybe 200 feet down off into the line."

If it shows it's clear their work is done and it's on to the next neighborhood.

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