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"We love people": Warren couple decides to run for same open Michigan House seat

Warren couple decides to run for same open Michigan House seat
Warren couple decides to run for same open Michigan House seat 03:13

(CBS DETROIT) - Curtiss and Suzanne Ostosh are used to working alongside one another.

The married couple works together nearly every day at the Harvest Time Christian Fellowship Food pantry in Warren.

The two couldn't be more alike.

"We love people and care about people," said Curtiss Ostosh

They happen to agree on most things. Except for at least one thing, which is their political party.

Curtiss is a Republican and Suzanne is a Democrat.

"I know a lot of people put a lot of weight into the party, but that is less important to me than actually being of service to the people that you serve," said Curtiss Ostosh

Their commitment to serve is what brought them together, but soon, the couple technically won't be on the same side for the first time since they got married two years ago

That's because they're both running for the same position to become a state lawmaker in Lansing. The two will be in the race for an open 13th House district. The seat became vacant after Lori Stone was elected the mayor of Warren earlier this month.

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The Ostosh's believe they both will make good candidates.

"He said, 'It's open. One of us should do this. And we said, which one?' We just kind of said he has good points, I have good points and we decided we should both run and let the people decide," said Suzanne Ostosh.

"We haven't figured it all out, you have a big choice. You can vote for Mrs. Ostosh or you can vote for Mrs. Ostosh. Just vote Ostosh," Curtiss Ostosh said.

Both Curtiss and Suzanne said the 13th district could use a lawmaker who truly cares about the community and they couldn't think of a better candidate than the two of them. Well, sort of.

"No, I think I'm a good first choice, but he's an awesome second choice," Suzanne said as she laughed.

No matter the outcome of the election, the couple says they will continue to serve their community

"We sincerely and genuinely care about people, and we want the best for people," said Curtiss.

"We're not here for recognition," Suzanne said. "We are not here trying to collect a lot of money. We are here to help the community."

The primary election will take place in January before the special general election begins in April.

Candidates for the 13th House District

  • LaMar D. Lemmons (D)
  • Suzanne Ostosh (D)
  • Mai Xiong (D)
  • Brandon Cumbee (R)
  • Curtiss Ostosh (R)
  • Ronald Singer (R)
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