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UAW President Shawn Fain calls for strikes against all GM, Stellantis parts distribution centers

Shawn Fain: All General Motors, Stellantis parts distribution workers to strike at noon
Shawn Fain: All General Motors, Stellantis parts distribution workers to strike at noon 17:02

(CBS DETROIT) - United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain called for additional strikes against all General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution facilities. Workers will strike at 38 locations across 20 states.

Fain made the announcement at 10 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 22, where he said significant progress had been made during negotiations with Ford but not with GM and Stellantis. 

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Plants to strike by noon Friday 

General Motors 

  • Pontiac Redistribution, Pontiac, Mich. 
  • Willow Run Redistribution, Belleville, Mich. 
  • Ypsilanti Processing Center, Ypsilanti, Mich. 
  • Davidson Road Processing Center, Burton, Mich.
  • Flint Processing Center, Swartz Creek, Mich. 
  • Lansing Redistribution, Lansing, Mich. 
  • Cincinnati Parts Distribution Westchester, Ohio
  • Denver Parts Distribution Aurora. Colo.
  • Hudson Parts Distribution Hudson, Wis.
  • Chicago Parts Distribution Bolingbrook, Ill
  • Reno Parts Distribution Center – Reno, Nev.
  • Rancho Cucamonga Parts – Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.
  • Fort Worth Parts Distribution – Roanoke, Texas
  • Martinsburg Parts Distribution – Martinsburg, W. Va.
  • Jackson Parts Distribution – Brandon, Miss.
  • Charlotte Parts Distribution – Charlotte N.C.
  • Memphis AC Delco Parts Distribution – Memphis, Tenn.
  • Philadelphia Parts Distribution  – Lang Horne, Pa.

Stellantis Distribution Centers

  • Marysville, Marysville, Mich. 
  • Center Line Packing, Center Line, Mich. 
  • Center Line Warehouse, Center Line, Mich. 
  • Sherwood, Warren, Mich. 
  • Warren Parts, Warren, Warren, Mich. 
  • Quality Engineering Center, Auburn Hills, Mich. 
  • Romulus, Romulus, Mich. 
  • Cleveland, Streetsboro, Ohio
  • Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wis. 
  • Minneapolis, Plymouth, Minn.
  • Denver, Commerce City, Colo.
  • Chicago, Naperville, Ill.
  • Los Angeles, Ontario, Calif.
  • Portland, Beaverton Ore.
  • Atlanta, Morrow, Ga.
  • Winchester, Winchester, Va.
  • Orlando, Orlando, Fla. 
  • Dallas, Carrollton, Texas
  • New York, Tappan, N.Y. 
  • Boston, Mansfield, Mass.

What plants are currently on strike?

Right now, about 13,000 workers are on strike at three plants, one each at Ford, General Motors and Stellantis. 

The targeted factories include the following:

  • General Motors Wentzville Assembly Plant in Missouri (UAW Local 2250, Region 4)
  • Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex (Local 12, Region 2B)
  • Ford Michigan Assembly Plant (Local 900, Region 1A) 
UAW President Shawn Fain calls for strikes against all GM, Stellantis parts distribution centers 42:14

What does an average UAW worker make?

Most union workers receive an hourly wage.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average auto worker makes about $28 per hour. This wage increased about a dollar from the year before. 

Pay also depends on a worker's tenure at the automaker. The UAW wants to see the Big Three eliminate this two-tiered wage structure

Anyone who joined the company after 2007 is grouped in lower tiers, earning up to about $17 an hour. Members in the lower levels don't receive defined benefit positions.

Stellantis, General Motors announce layoffs 

Stellantis announced Wednesday it's laying off 68 workers at a plant outside Toledo because of the ongoing strike, and they're expecting more layoffs to happen at its transmission plant in Kokomo, Indiana.

Hours earlier, GM announced that it would be laying off 2,000 workers at its plant in Kansas City, Kansas because there's no work for them since they depend on parts from the Wentzville, Missouri plant where workers walked off the job last Friday.

For more on the latest UAW news, visit here.

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