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Many Dearborn voters casting ballot for "uncommitted" in Tuesday's primary election

Thousands of voters casting ballot for "uncommitted" in Tuesday primary election
Thousands of voters casting ballot for "uncommitted" in Tuesday primary election 01:55

(CBS DETROIT) - Many Dearborn voters opted to vote uncommitted this primary election on Tuesday. It's a movement they hope will get President Joe Biden's attention.

"If he just did the right thing from first hand, it would have been better, and it wouldn't lead to this," said a Dearborn voter who wished to remain anonymous on Tuesday outside of Mcdonald Elementary School.

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CBS News Detroit spoke with several voters who said their votes were cast uncommitted. The reason behind these votes, one voter tells us, is to compromise Biden's numbers after not calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

A look into the Michigan presidential primary 04:19

"With our votes today and with the results that's coming, I hope that he does see how angry we are. How he let us down, he's not really looking at the important things that we wanted him to look over," a voter tells CBS News Detroit

While it seemed like nearly every voter we spoke with was voting uncommitted at this Dearborn location, not all Dearborn residents did.

"At this time, another candidate. Because I just don't feel like it shouldn't be war," said Timeaco, who brought her mother to vote on Tuesday.

She says voting uncommitted isn't the answer, and she has to go with her gut when it comes to politics.

"Even though I am a Dearborn resident and I'm for the people of Dearborn as well, but when it comes to, at one point, they did vote for Biden, at one point. But now, because of the war now, they're saying uncommitted, and I don't agree with that," Timeaco tells CBS News Detroit.

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