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Final push to vote "uncommitted" in Dearborn as primary voting comes to end

"Uncommitted" campaign makes final push in Michigan primaries
"Uncommitted" campaign makes final push in Michigan primaries 02:39

(CBS DETROIT) - The push to vote uncommitted in the Michigan presidential primary is several months in the making, and will learn the impact of its efforts as polling closes across the state on Tuesday. 

"I am so inspired by this movement that we are having," said Lexi Zeidan, one of the organizers of the movement.

Zeidan said one of the reasons for voting uncommitted is to quantify the number of votes that President Joe Biden could potentially lose in the 2024 election if he does not call for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

"I think what this movement shows, and it's picked up on a global level, it really puts Biden and his administration, Congress, and any elected official on notice that Michigan truly is an anti-war, pro-peace, Pro-Palestinian state, and we're always going to advocate on the side of human life, and if you're an elected official and you're not in line with those values then Michigan is truly not the place for you," Zeidan said. 

Hassan Balhas is one voter who decided to vote uncommitted on Tuesday at McDonald Elementary and said he is holding out hope that Biden calls for a ceasefire, and then and only then would he consider voting to re-elect him. 

"To see kids are dying every single day, it breaks my heart. We need to stop this ASAP," Balhas said. 

Tempers flared for a moment when a Biden supporter voiced his concern that the uncommitted vote could put Trump back in office. That voter who did not want to be identified said voting uncommitted was playing with fire in this election. 

Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud addressed the media by saying that he, too, does not want Donald Trump to be the next president. 

However, Hammoud said his community is not left with a better option considering the death and destruction that has ensued in Gaza under Biden's watch. 

"We are using this opportunity as a means to send a message," Hammoud said. 

Another voter who spoke to CBS Detroit said that it's unfortunate and devastating about what's happening in Gaza, but said this election has far more issues at stake for him, so he will vote for Biden. 

Meanwhile, Balhas said he was equally disappointed in both options in the upcoming presidential election. 

"I am done with Democrats or Republicans because everyone is the same," he said. 

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