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How To Grab Your Customers' Attention In A Fast-Paced World

With the rapid changes in technology, the internet and a prominent social media culture has given way to overwhelming options, making it a probable challenge for businesses to reach potential customers. We are living in a fast-paced world, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Many companies will either adapt to these changes to thrive or fall behind and struggle in customer acquisition.

It doesn't have to be this way. One of the best ways to stay ahead is to first look at the companies, businesses, brands, and even individuals who are doing it right. Some of these brands that ought to be on your radar include new companies such as Brandless, an e-commerce store that sells everyday "brandless" essentials for $3. The bottom line is that today you have a few seconds to catch your customers' attention, and you have to make it count.

Don't do what you did last year

When it comes to marketing efforts, advertising and branding, repeating what was done before can be the downfall of many companies. As humans, we are not keen to change, however, change is good in business. According to MaidPro Marketing Manager Madeleine Park, "This is a downfall for many companies when it comes to their marketing efforts and advertisements. It is easier and safer to repeat what they did the year before. However, this is extremely limiting and can cause you to be looked-over more times than not. You should be consistently refreshing your creative and exploring new outlets for your business. The digital realm gives you access to in-depth analytics and a plethora of options that will help you reach a broader audience and optimize your ads. Don't be afraid to try something new!"

Video and live streaming is next

If you're a business owner and are not in the process of incorporating video somewhere in your marketing plan or advertising, then you'll fall behind. According to many studies, the average consumer's attention span is eight seconds or less. Currently, video and live streaming are everywhere, with many advantages including the ability to develop a call to action in real time, increased customer engagement and building trust.

Put your own spin on trends

Whether it's a trending app, hashtag or actually a trend, your business must use it correctly and strategically. It's common for businesses and brands to imitate or hop on trends, however, what works for another business, may not work for you. It's crucial when a business decides to engage in a worldwide trend to analyze if it's right for their business and audience, and will it have some type of ROI. Attempting to force or copy a trend in your business could come off as unauthentic. By taking ownership of a trend and putting an authentic spin on it that aligns with your business, your customers will clearly recognize it and enjoy it.

Figure out what already has their attention

The number one way to grab your customers' attention in a fast-paced world is to determine what's not working and what already is working. Many times businesses fail to take notice of what's already working. Before making any changes to your marketing plans, analyze what you're currently doing in your business that's working and tweak from there. There are several tools and resources that can help you do this, including built in analytics in advertising and social platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. According to Eric Casaburi, entrepreneur and founder of Retro Fitness, "Being in the fitness industry, you want to find people going through their own transformations or posting about wellness, then evaluate the posts that are generating the most likes or have the most interactions."


Contests have always been an excellent way to engage and attract customers. This can reward loyal customers who follow your brand, such as those on your social media sites. Contests can also introduce new customers to your business, product or service. Consistency is key to creating customer loyalty versus a quick freebie. Book Of The Month for example, has built over 300,000 followers in less than two years, inspiring eager members to post photos of their books around the world and engage in recurring contests like "Name This Book" and "Guess the Guest Judge."

In the end, your business should focus on creating an emotional connection with loyal and potential customers. If your content allows consumers to be inspired, educated or entertained, then you're on the right track to grab their attention.


This article was written by Marie Flounoy for Small Business Pulse

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