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Detroit activist Malik Shabazz in hospital again

CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Dec. 4, 2023
CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Dec. 4, 2023 03:54

UPDATE: Shabazz is out of the hospital and back in a rehabilitation center again. Read more here.

(CBS DETROIT) - Detroit activist Malik Shabazz is in the hospital again after a massive heart attack back in June called for surgery and rehabilitation treatment. 

Shabazz, the leader of the New Black Panther Nation/Marcus Garvey Movement, was moved from a rehabilitation center to a hospital again due to undiagnosed medical concerns, according to Sam Riddle, Shabazz Family Spokesperson. 

In addition, Riddle says Shabazz is in stable condition.

On Monday, June 26, Shabazz suffered from a heart attack. Before rehabilitation treatment in October, he was on a respirator, had received a temporary heart pump implant and fought an infection. 

"The family expresses heartfelt gratitude for community-wide support and prayers for Shabazz and is deeply appreciative of the care provided Minister Shabazz," Riddle said. 

When Shabazz was hospitalized back in June, the community held a prayer circle to support the minister and his family as Shabazz fought for his life. 

"He doesn't tolerate people who harm our community. And I really pray that he makes it through this. I really do. It'll be a tremendous loss to our community. A tremendous loss," Detroit Police Chief James White said at the prayer circle. 

Prayer circle held outside Henry Ford Hospital for activist Minister Malik Shabazz 02:14

Shabazz has fought for the most vulnerable citizens of Detroit by organizing search efforts and passing out flyers to help get answers in unsolved missing persons cases and other crimes. 

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