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Loveland Police Investigate Pot Brownies In Middle School

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS) - Loveland's police chief revealed his department is investigating a case of a student taking medical marijuana-laced food to school.

The revelation came during a city council meeting Tuesday.

"One of the students brought in marijuana-laced brownies and shared them with other students," Chief Luke Hecker reported to the council.

Those proceedings were recorded and are posted online.

Schools remain drug-free zones not only for medical marijuana but also for the newly-voter approved recreational pot use.

The Thompson School District alerted police after discovering the pot-laced brownies.

"There was an incident with a marijuana edible at one of our middle schools," said district spokesman Mike Hausmann.

While it was at one of the middle schools, the district is not saying specifically which one.

"Something like this is obviously a very serious topic for us," Hausmann said.

The Loveland Police Department is now in charge of the investigation. The chief brought up the incident during a council meeting about whether Loveland will allow retail sales of marijuana.

"We're being very careful as we move forward with the whole discussion," said Phil Farley, a member of the Loveland City Council.

"We have to be concerned about what marijuana will do to our kids, but at the same time we're bound by 64. It's coming up."

"Loveland is a great place to live," Farley said. "We want to be known for our art and culture not as pot capitol of Colorado, or Colorado being the pot capitol of the country."

A conviction for violating the district's drug-free rules could bring a minimum five year jail sentence.

Last month two students at the University of Colorado allegedly brought pot-laced brownies to class and gave them to classmates and a professor. Eight people reported feeling sick and three went to the hospital. Both students face multiple charges.

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In another incident last month, a 14-year-old girl was sent to a hospital Wednesday after eating a marijuana brownie at a high school in Colorado Springs. A 14-year-old boy was arrested and released to his parents. Police told the Gazette the girl knew what was in the brownie before she ate it.

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