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Golfer Gored By Bull Elk In Evergreen Hospitalized

EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) - Evergreen firefighters responded to Evergreen Golf Course Saturday night after a golfer was gored by a large bull elk. They say the man was in a golf cart when the elk challenged the golf cart.

evergreen golf course 3 (gionet)
(credit: CBS)

His wife told CBS4 the antler punctured his kidney -- and he is hospitalized in the intensive care unit, but is expected to recover.

Another witness says the bull was charging other golf carts.

"Elk love to go onto that golf course for the green grass and there's a lot of people who love to go and watch them and we've got to all kind of find a way to co-exist," said Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "These are very powerful animals and an incident like this could really end up killing someone."

Elk are in rut this time of year, making bulls very aggressive.

UPDATE: Evergreen Golfer In ICU After Being Gored By Elk

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