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Ghost Bikes Stand As Memorial For Cyclists Killed

DENVER (CBS4)- A white bike stands on a street corner as a memorial for a cyclist killed after a hit and run in Denver. It's called a "Ghost Bike."

Ghost Bikes are placed where cyclists have been killed on streets in the Denver metro area. Who is behind the unique memorials of white spray painted bicycles is unknown.

One Ghost Bike at Speer and Lincoln is not only a memorial but it is serving as a reminder that the case has not been solved. The powerful statement is catching the attention of drivers but not for long.

The Ghost Bike will be allowed to stay for 30 days but then it will be removed. Police said it is blocking the right of way on the sidewalk.

Detectives investigating the death of Dan Peterson said they are making strides into solving his death but no one was been arrested and no suspects have been named.

"Dan was an incredible guy. He was always up for doing anything in the mountains. Hiking, biking, snowboarding," said Peterson's friend Mike Leake.

Peterson embraced the Colorado lifestyle a few years ago after moving from his home in Wisconsin. About a week and a half ago, Peterson was on his bicycle passing through the intersection of Speer and Lincoln about 2:20 a.m.

"He was going to a friend's house. I was with him all day Saturday and Saturday evening," said Leake.

According to witnesses a car struck him. The driver apparently stopped but not to help Peterson but to grab his bicycle.

"To get out of the car and take the bike and put it in the back of your car and drive away, leaving somebody there to die is very, very tragic," said Leake.

Police in Denver confirm that they have found the car that struck Peterson. It was located in Aurora. They have not found the bicycle. Police have not named a suspect.

"Dan had a lot of family and friends there to comfort him in the last hours," said Leake.

Peterson died from his injuries.

What comforts those who knew him is the Ghost Bike. It's a soft spoken memorial created by strangers.

"It's incredible that just random people who also enjoy biking around the city would take the time to put up a memorial for somebody they didn't know," said Leake.

There aren't too many Ghost Bikes in Colorado. That could be a reflection of the low number of bike fatalities.

Although the city will remove the Ghost Bike after 30 days, officials do recognize that it is a memorial and that a tragedy happened near the memorial location.

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