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Watch the rescue of a Pekingese puppy from the ductwork of Colorado townhome

South Metro Fire crews rescue puppy stuck in duct work
South Metro Fire crews rescue puppy stuck in duct work 00:30

Colorado first responders performed a complicated rescue operation involving a small dog Douglas County on Tuesday. A 3-month-old puppy fell into an open floor vent on the third floor of a townhome and got stuck.

South Metro Fire Rescue

Officials from South Metro Fire Rescue said in a Facebook post that the dog weighs about 5 pounds. They said it slipped after jumping down from a bed and then disappeared in the townhome's ducts. The Pekingese puppy's owner said in a video SMFR posted on YouTube that the dog fell from the third floor down to the basement.

"He jumped off my son's bed and right into this hole," she said.

A frantic family member called for help and rescue crews rushed to 9394 Ashbury Circle, which is located in the southeastern part of the Denver metro area. A crew from Plumbline Services arrived to help, too.

At first the dog's whines and cries could be heard throughout the home but his exact location in the pipes was unclear. Several holes were drilled in the home's walls and ceiling to no avail. Finally, the rescuers slid a camera into the ductwork and eventually figured out where the pet was. That process took about three hours.

South Metro Fire Rescue

"The crew (from Tower 45) had to navigate through the intricate ductwork of the townhome to locate Archie," SMFR wrote.

The dog was pulled out of the ductwork and thankfully wasn't injured.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office wrote in a post on social media that teamwork was essential during what was a tense time.

"What a perfect ending to a scary situation," their Facebook post read. "Even our tiniest and furriest residents need help once in a while."

See SMFR's video below:

Archie's Adventure by South Metro Fire Rescue Centennial, Colorado on YouTube
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