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Deion Sanders shoots down "bald-faced lie" that his sons would only play for 6 NFL teams

Deion Sanders shoots down rumor about his sons and Travis Hunter's future in the NFL
Deion Sanders shoots down rumor about his sons and Travis Hunter's future in the NFL 01:16

It's been going around sports media circles that Coach Prime would only let his sons Shedeur and Shilo Sanders, as well as their Colorado Buffaloes teammate Travis Hunter, play for six NFL teams. Those would be the five teams Deion Sanders played for, plus the Philadelphia Eagles.  


On Wednesday Deion set the record straight with CBS Colorado's Romi Bean ... sort of.

"Who said that, and did you see me say that?" Deion said when Bean asked him about it.

"One thing about a lie? A lie is so fast it can outrun the truth any day. That's a bold-faced lie. That's a stupid lie. I have more than six owners that are friends. I have more than six GMs that are friends. You've got to understand, I played 14 (pro seasons). And I worked another 17, I believe, in the NFL, NFL Network and CBS. I know a lot of people, c'mon."

"So I would never do that," he said. "If I was that stupid, I wouldn't disclose the teams that I want them to play for, I would disclose the several that I wouldn't."

Shedeur and Shilo and Hunter are all expected to be high draft picks in the 2025 draft. On the "Million Dollaz Worth of Game" podcast, Deion recently hinted that if one of the teams he's opposed to picked one of the three standout young athletes he currently coaches, he would do all he could to prevent that player from suiting up for them.

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