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Colorado Named 4th Most Patriotic State

DENVER (CBS4) - Ahead of America's Independence Day, Wallethub has released its list of the country's most, and least, patriotic states.

While American pride can come in many forms, the study focused on 12 key metrics that quantify everything from military engagement, to voting habits, to civic education.

Overall, Virginia ranked as the #1 most patriotic state in the country, followed by Alaska and South Carolina. Fourth on the list is Colorado, ranking 10th on the list for the number of active-duty military personnel per capita, and 9th on the list for number of Peace Corps volunteers per capita.

Colorado was also the state with the fifth highest percent of residents who voted in the most recent presidential election.

Minnesota is the state with the highest voting percentage, and Georgia has the highest percentage of residents who enlist in the military, followed by Alaska, South Carolina, and Florida.

Vermont has the most Peace Corps volunteers per capita, and Utah has the highest volunteer rate.

The five least patriotic states according to this study, beginning at #46, are Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey at the very bottom.

To see the full study click here.

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