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Anderson Devotes 'Time, Passion' To The Sport Of Bowling

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - When he was a boy, Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson didn't think bowling was cool.

"My grandma did it. She (was) in a lot of leagues, a lot of tournaments. She did it when I was younger. When I used to watch her in the alley I used to be in the arcade all day having fun. I didn't want to watch old people bowl," he told CBS4.

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That was then. This is now.

Anderson eventually changed his mind about the game. And this weekend CBS4 caught up with Anderson while he was hosting the PBA Southwest Super Regional Open, a pro bowling event in Lakewood at Holiday Lanes.

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"C.J. Anderson is cool. A great running back for the Denver Broncos that scores touchdowns in the Super Bowl is cool. And the thing about bowling is, all of us that are involved with bowling know it's cool, but a lot of people have a perception that tells them it's not. So when you have a guy like C.J. devote this much time and passion to the sport, it really elevates the cool factor in our game," said Pro Bowling Association Commissioner Tom Clark.


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Anderson, who has played on the pro PBA tour during the NFL's offseason, said he is hopeful that bowling can rise to the level of popularity that would allow for more people to make a living doing it. He is also hoping that more young people will pursue scholarships in bowling.

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"The bigger picture is to get other sponsors and to get a bunch of people into bowling and get the PBA back to what it was when I was younger and when I watched my grandma bowl," Anderson said.

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