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Volunteers Pack Sandbags In Loveland In Advance Of Flooding

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) - Volunteers were out all day packing sandbags in Loveland on Friday hoping that all of the hard work will help save homes.

With more than a dozen sandbags loaded in the back of her SUV, Jamie Syberthubby was trying to stay ahead of the storm.

(credit: CBS)

"We just want to be a little bit more prepared this year," Syberthubby said.

Sybetobby was just one of hundreds of people benefiting from the work if volunteers.

They spent hours, sometimes in the rain, filling, tossing and stacking sandbags.

"I think the easiest part is actually filling the sandbags and the hardest part is carrying them and working them around the pallet," volunteer John Lochard said. "It's a workout for sure."

The volunteer group is called Serve 6.8. Their goal is to pile up as many sand bags as they can and deliver them to homeowners who have to worry about flooding -- mainly those who live near the High Park Fire burn scar or up in the Big Thompson Canyon where water is rushing once again.

"The rivers have reached their banks and flooding is already occurring. Last week was a big panic as everybody saw the waters rise over Memorial Day weekend and we are just out here to keep it from becoming a response effort and trying to keep it in a prepared effort," Serve 6.8 Director Zane Strange said.

Every time the dark clouds start rolling in, Syberthubby worries, but she says having a few sandbags in place can help put her and her family at ease.

"It's nice that they are helping people out like this," Syberhubby said. "It's really good because the floods really affected us last year."

Most of the sandbags were delivered to different locations.

They will be working until 7 p.m. all weekend long. All they need right now is more volunteers. For information on how to volunteer, visit the Serve 6.8 website.


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