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Victim of brazen armed robbery crew recounts early-morning horror

Victim speaks after horrific gunpoint robbery
Victim speaks after horrific gunpoint robbery 02:49

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Police this past weekend issued a warning about a robbery crew behind 48 armed robberies and carjackings around the city's West and Near Northwest sides.

One family robbed this weekend spoke exclusively to CBS 2's Sabrina Franza Monday evening.

The robbery in the Hermosa neighborhood was caught entirely on camera. In just under a minute, guns were drawn - and three men were robbed.

"The first guy that was sending closer to the truck - he got the guns pulled out to him, and from there, that's when they started pointing a gun at my dad, and the other guy who was up here on those stairs," said Victor Galena Jr., whose father was one of the victims.

Victor Galena Sr. was on his way to work – counting the dollars they were supposed to spend on construction tools around 6 a.m. Friday. All that money – and a day's work – were gone in an instant.

Galena stood as close to the door as possible to protect what could not be replaced.

"More worried about if they were going to go inside the house," Galena Jr. said, "and he was trying to protect the doorway, so he didn't want to come down the stairs."

Galena Sr.'s wife, five kids, sister, and nephews were sound asleep inside.

"In case they try to force their way in there, then he was going to fight back," Galena Jr. said, adding that his father was "definitely" a hero.

Galena Sr. stood there unarmed.

"He says he doesn't feel like a hero," Galena Jr. said. "It was just mostly like a father's instinct that kicked in."

After the robbers ran off, police said they hit at least 10 other victims doing the same thing.

Chicago Police also tied the group to at least 36 other robberies and vehicular hijackings. There have been no arrests.

"It's the people that you look up to that you call right away when you need someone to defend you," said Galena Jr., "and if they can't defend you, then who are you going to call if you're defenseless by yourself?"

Chicago Police said in the alert that the suspects have been targeting working Chicagoans as they leave for, or arrive at, their jobs.

The investigation is ongoing.

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