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Teachers Rally In Solidarity Against Attempts Across Country To Prohibit Teaching About Realities Of Racism, Oppression

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Dozens of teachers held a rally Saturday, pledging to teach the truth in their classrooms.

The teachers said they are resisting attempts by lawmakers in at least 28 states to pass legislation that would prevent teachers from educating students about the roles of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and oppression throughout U.S. history.

On Saturday, Chicago joined several cities and towns across the country in a solidarity action opposing such legislative attempts.

"It is our job to show them the realities of racism, of sexism, so that students can understand how to navigate these situations – so that they can feel empowered to do something about them, and know how to go through life with these really real and harsh realities," one teacher said.

The teachers at the Chicago event, brought together by the Chicago Teachers Union, also said they want the Chicago Public Schools to invest more money into addressing persistent inequities in schools.

The rally took place at the lakefront memorial commemorating the 1919 Chicago race riot near 31st Street Beach.

Similar rallies were held at 50 historical locations across the country.

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