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Students At Lisle School Chat With Astronaut Aboard International Space Station

LISLE, Ill. (CBS) -- It may have been an unforgettable few minutes for 500 students at Saint Joan of Arc Catholic School in Lisle, some of whom got to chat with an astronaut on the International Space Station, reports WBBM'S Steve Miller.

The link-up arranged by the DuPage Amateur Radio Club only lasted about five minutes, but the students at St. Joan of Arc made the most of their time with German astronaut Alexander Gerst.


One student named Ben asked him, "Do you have any type of church services or chance to receive communion on the ISS?"

"We do not have that officially but of course, crew members can do in their own time if they would like they can have a prayer service or receive communion although the problem with the communion is that we do not have any wine," Gerst answered.

One student asked Gerst what his favorite thing to see was from the International Space Station: active volcanoes he said.
Another asked him what his favorite thing to eat in space is, and Gerst answered granola.

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