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South Loop Organizations Vigilant After Carjacking Activity

(CBS) -- Imagine sitting in traffic on a busy city street when, out of nowhere, you're facing a gun and a demand for your car.

It happened twice in one day last week in the South Loop.

Police believe the same suspects are behind both crimes, CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports.

Chicago police say keep watch for a black Chrysler Sebring. They believe carjackers used one to approach two drivers on South Michigan Avenue at gunpoint last Wednesday and demand their cars.

Dave Sudzus, who started the South Loop Safety Association last fall, says once police issued an alert his group blasted it out on its text thread.

Police say two male suspects first approached a driver in traffic at gunpoint near 9th and Michigan last Wednesday. The driver got away, but later that night, police believe they did it again near 21st and Michigan. This time, they got the car and the driver's phone.

John Jacoby is the vice president of the Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance -- another group whose goal is to keep south loop neighbors informed.

"Frankly, attention will get you resources, and that seems to be the answer," he says.

Community watchdogs hope knowledge means vigilance and that any resident who sees the car in question, or any suspicious activity, will tell their neighbors and of course call police.


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