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Snatch And Grab Thieves Hit Prada Store

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's being called a snatch and grab.

This comes after a group of women robbed a luxury handbag and clothing store in the Gold Coast while shoppers were still inside.

It happened Saturday afternoon at the Prada store on East Oak Street. Police said six women rushed into the store and grabbed several items without paying.

One couple inside the store during the incident described the chaos.

"The first woman heads for the door and then the guy at the door blocked them from getting out," said Mark Ruddy who was there with his wife Amy. "And there's three other girls and they're strapping purses all over her and she screaming at him 'let us out!' 'Let us out!'"

Workers at the store were able to recover some of the items. The suspects drove off in a white colored car.

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