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Salvation Army Lieutenant Writes Thank You To Englewood Officers For Their Work

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago police received a written thank you for the work they're doing in Englewood.

Salvation Army Lt. Corey Hughes took over the Robert Stern Red Shield Center at 945 W. 69th Street six short years ago and a lot has changed in the Englewood neighborhood over the years.

"There was open drinking and large groups of people hanging out on the corner, so today, it's a little bit different than it was five, six years ago," Lt. Hughes said.

Lt. Hughes especially noticed a change in times when this happened...

"I had kids from Cottage Grove, who came all the way to Englewood to play basketball in our center, which really would have not been the case before because they did not know what they were going into," he said.

Seeing this change prompted Lt. Hughes to write a thank you letter to the men and women of the 7th District for helping to reduce the violence.

In the letter he wrote how often times, people are quick to criticize when missteps occur, according to a press release.

Other changes Lt. Hughes said he noticed was an improvement in how fast officers are arriving at calls.

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