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Neighbors On Edge After Carjacking, Uptick In Violent Crime In Rogers Park

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Neighbors were on edge Thursday night following a violent carjacking in Rogers Park.

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported, police have made some arrests in the carjacking. But that one crime is not the only worry for residents in the area.

Police did arrest two girls and a boy in the overnight carjacking. While that gives those living in Rogers Park some peace of mind, the uptick of crime – especially violent crime – keeps them extra-vigilant.

Eileen Graham enjoys taking a stroll with her daughters in their Rogers Park neighborhood. They have lived there for eight years now.

"We love the community. We love the diversity," Graham said. "We pretty much love everything about it."

Yet Graham just found out Thursday about an armed carjacking the night before. At 10:45 p.m., ust as a 21-year-old woman was pulling into her garage behind the 7700 block of North Marshfield Avenue between Jonquil and Juneway terraces, four teens – one carrying a gun – approached.

They ordered the woman and her passenger out of the car at gunpoint, taking the gray 2021 Toyota RAV4 and other belongings. The victims were not hurt.

"It does increase my awareness," Graham said. "It increases my vigilance if I was ever to be out at night; getting in and out of my car at night."

CBS 2 analyzed Chicago Police data, and Rogers Park saw a slight uptick in violent crimes in the first 26 days of May. There were 25 reported crimes in the latest data provided, compared to 16 violent crimes in all of April.

Violent crimes include robbery, aggravated assault, battery, and sexual assault.

"It's part of the calculated risk of living in the city," Graham said.

While surprising, Graham believes the pandemic has played a part in the desperation of many crooks.

"Crime is a natural byproduct of that, and I think we as a community can be working harder to help people not feel that kind of desperation that they would be brought to the point that they would commit a crime," Graham said.

Rogers Park is a diverse community, and Graham adds, a resilient one too.

"We plan to be here throughout our children's upbringing and possibly longer," she said.

As for the carjacking, the suspects arrested are 15 and 16 years old. It points to another troubling trend – youngsters committing these armed carjackings.

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