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Where Do Red Light Cameras Nab Drivers The Most?

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Red light enforcement systems are operating in at least 84 communities across Chicagoland. In some towns, traffic fines are now making up a large portion of revenue. How can that be when tickets are $100 apiece? CBS 2 has learned it sometimes takes only one camera to make millions of dollars.

Data compiled by the Illinois Policy Institute reveals the top 10 towns raking it in when you roll through the red.

1. Chicago: $719,709,862.61 since 2008. 309 cameras currently operational
2. Berywn: $19,295,681.12 since 2009. 2 cameras currently operational
3. Lakemoor: $19,265,169.70 since 2012. 3 cameras currently operational
4. Country Club Hills: $16,530,455.18 since 2009. 7 cameras currently operational
5. North Riverside: $16,003,864.38 since 2014. 3 cameras currently operational
6. Aurora: $13,139,200.68 since 2010. 9 cameras currently operational.
7. Crestwood: $13,085,742.32 since 2016. 8 cameras currently operational.
8. Hillside: $12,138,530.97 since 2010. 5 cameras currently operational.
9. Burbank: $10,958,681.32 since 2014. 5 cameras currently operational.
10. Gurnee: $10,823,643.36 since 2009. 15 cameras currently operational.

On the CBS 2 News at 6AM on Monday, hear the astonishing amount of red light fines forked over by motorists across Illinois. In recent days, two separate Illinois house bills to ban red light cameras gained traction.

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