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Police Warn Of Thieves Targeting Women's Purses

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A neighborhood alert has been issued for women in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. One after another, they are being attacked in the morning, on their way to work.

The suspects? Two men who are targeting the women and stealing their purses.

Deatrise Irving says she gets emotional about the robbery because, "I've never been robbed and I don't hurt people."

Never before happened today.

It happened at 6:30 in the morning a man approached and said, "Give me your purse. Don't give me any problems just give me your purse, just give me your purse."

"I said no and we proceeded to tussle. "I'm screaming, 'No, no no' and yanking and yanking," said Irving. "And I'm screaming "help" at the top of my lungs."

She noticed that the robber was working with an accomplice. The incident happened at 6:30 a.m.

"You don't do people like that. It's 6 30 in the morning. I should be able to go to work," said Irving.

And within minutes, the thieves cashed in at a Citgo.

"From what I've heard I'm number six," said Irving.

Police are now sounding a siren. It's happened a number of times -- always early morning, women with purses in the same area in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, where woman are looking out for each other.

"I'm scared and my little girl is terrified," said Irving.

Irving was able to give a detailed description, including the get-away care and plate and was relieved the officer told her he was making it his personal mission to catch the guys.

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