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Oak Brook Workers Split Lotto Prize

(CBS) -- Here's a riddle: You win a million dollars in the lottery and can barely afford to buy a compact car. CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez found out how.

Patty Jordan says when she went to check the numbers, the clerk gave her a strange stare.

"He said 'you won a boatload of money.' I said 'a boatload?'
He goes, 'maybe a shipload,'" Jordan said.

Realizing the ticket was worth $1 million dollars, Jordan says she tucked it into her purse, got in her car, locked and locked the doors. She headed back to the ComEd billing department in Oak Brook to share the news with the 41 co-workers in the pool.

"She says, 'Tina I need to see you right now, it's private!' I was like, 'What? It's private?'" said Tina Regalado.

After she showed off the winning ticket, "I just saw a bunch of zeros and said 'How much is this?' and she said, 'A million?'"

Divided by 42, each winner gets $23,809. definitely not retirement money, but enough to have some of the players going back for more.

And that $23,000 shrinks to about $14,000 after taxes. Still, one of the workers is paying off her daughter's college loan and another put his winnings toward a new jeep.

The Minuteman Shell in Elmhurst got $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.

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