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Nearly 1,000 CPS Layoffs Announced

(CBS) – The Chicago Public Schools system says it's going ahead with plans to lay off nearly 1,000 employees.

About 350 of those laid off reportedly will be teachers, and about 360 will be classroom aides, along with 220 members of SEIU, who are special education aides and security guards.

The CPS layoffs come as Gov. Bruce Rauner and lawmakers are at odds over a new Illinois school funding plan.

"Our children in Chicago deserve better. Chicago Public Schools have been financially mismanaged for years and years, and it's tragic for the families here, it's tragic for the children here," Rauner said Monday.

The Chicago Teachers Union blamed elected leaders.

"Nearly a thousand devoted educators have had their futures thrown into jeopardy due to the buck-passing at City Hall and in Springfield. Our children, who desperately need those adults in their lives, are the ones who continue to suffer the most."

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