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Misconduct claims in south Chicago suburb have residents, trustees fired up

Suburban Chicago village leaders allege misconduct in government
Suburban Chicago village leaders allege misconduct in government 02:11

DOLTON, Ill. (CBS) -- Village leaders and residents were fired up at a special Dolton village meeting Thursday night, calling for an independent investigation and answers in the wake of several allegations of misconduct.

"Something has to give," a resident said. "These people cannot walk around, and take our money, and treat us like crap."

They came out discuss the many unanswered questions surrounding finances in the south suburban village – specifically regarding invoices that some trustees say are not getting paid.

"We have people calling us for $14,000," said village trustee Tammie Brown.

The trustees said they have demanded financial records from Mayor Tiffany Henyard and her administration, but they have been denied access.

"It's a problem for us all when we can't see our tax dollars," Brown said, "when we can't see them, and see how they're being spent."

Last week, several former employees all filed lawsuits against Mayor Henyard. The suits claim they were wrongfully terminated by the mayor.

Meanwhile, another employee separately claims she was sexually assaulted by a Dolton village trustee on a trip to Las Vegas – and then retaliated against. The employee claimed after she told the mayor about the lawsuit, she was eventually fired.

Residents wanted that unnamed trustee – who did not attend the meeting Thursday – to resign.

"I don't want him sitting there representing me or my village," A woman said.

The board went a step further and called for an outside state agency to look into the entire matter.

"There are terrible allegations people are aware of," said trustee Jason House. "It was reported that an investigation did happen."

If it did, the trustees called for proof of the investigation. They want to see the written and financial reports of whoever the mayor said she paid to look into the woman's assault claim.

"If nothing happened, we need make sure something starts today," said House.

The sexual assault outlined in a complaint does not name the trustee. When CBS 2 reached out to the trustee in question, he said, he was "unable to make a comment about the matter."

The special meeting was held at the Dolton Park District because those in attendance said they could not get into the Dolton Village Hall unless the mayor allows them. Noticeably absent from the meeting Thursday night was Mayor Henyard herself.

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