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Jennifer Aniston: I'm Not Pregnant; I'm Fed Up With Tabloids

CHICAGO (CBS) Jennifer Aniston says she's not pregnant and she's fed up with predatory tabloid culture that defines women by their looks and maternal status.

In an essay published Tuesday in the Huffington Post, Aniston says constant paparazzi coverage contributes to a "dehumanizing view of females, focused solely on one's physical appearance."

She says the further speculation over whether she looks as though she's pregnant or may have eaten too much "reflects the warped way we calculate a woman's worth."

She says the amount of media resources spent on trying to find out if she's pregnant perpetuates the idea that women are incomplete until they marry and become mothers.

She says she doesn't expect tabloid practices to change, but she hopes consumers will become more aware of the messages such publications put forth.

Marriage and family therapist, Anita Chlipala, tells CBS 2's Mai Martinez that many women can related and feel the need to look like celebrities in pictures.

If the don't "they think that they're unworthy," Chlipala said.

"They go their day-to-day life thinking that they're not good enough. And they dismiss being smart, educated, kind, generous."

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