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Jason Whitlock Writes Column About How Much He Deserves A Pulitzer Prize

(CBS) - We get it, Jason, you think you're a really, really, really good columnist.

In case you weren't aware, columnist Jason Whitlock submitted 10 of his columns two weeks ago to be considered for a Pulitzer Prize.

On Tuesday, however, Whitlock received the following letter.

Dear Mr. Whitlock:

 Broadcast media and broadcast media Web sites are not eligible for participation in the Pulitzer Prize competition. Our rules have spelled that out for many years. I'm sorry to disappoint you but we cannot accept your entry. 


Sig Gissler



In a recent blog posted late Wednesday night, Whitlock rants for over 1,000 words about how deserving he is of journalism's top award.

Here are some of our favorite lines:

"Last year, it's my belief, I had my best year as a columnist. It all came together. I perfected my column style."

"When I showed up at the Kansas City Star in 1994, I shook the entire Midwest and eventually the country."

"For me, the Pulitzer rejection was the equivalent of Ravens safety Ed Reed showing up in New Orleans for Super Bowl week and finding out on Media Day the league suspended him from playing."

"I never compromised who I am or what I believed to get one."

"I just hoped that one year I'd have a year's worth of columns that I thought were Pulitzer worthy. .... It happened twice in 20 years. In 2007, I asked my bosses at the Kansas City Star to enter my work in the Pulitzer competition. That year I wrote my infamous Don Imus-Rutgers-nappy headed hos column and a few other columns that reverberated nationally. Unbeknownst to me, my bosses entered me in several non-sportswriting-specific competitions. I won the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award for Commentary that year. It's a prestigious award. Leonard Pitts and several others won it before winning the Pulitzer. The Pulitzer for commentary can be a bit of a lifetime achievement award.'

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