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Illinois Concealed-Carry Applications Available Beginning Sunday

(CBS) -- We're ready: That's the message from Illinois State Police ahead of Sunday's launch of concealed-carry licensing.

The application process will be up and available on the state police website.

It's an application authorities say should take under 10 minutes to finish. It covers an applicant's past and present.

Concealed Carry Applications Will Be Made Available On Sunday

"The application has been purposely designed to be simple and intuitive," Illinois State Police Lt. Col. Matt Davis told reporters at a Monday news conference.

State police say they're really not forecasting how many people will apply for concealed carry -- maybe as many as 400,000.

Where weapons can be concealed and carried will be limited. Prohibited public places include government buildings, such as schools, museums and correctional institutions.

After all the concern and controversy, some lawmakers say Illinois has done what it needs to comply with the state Supreme Court.

"I think we've put together a comprehensive plan that will allow for the safe carrying, most training in the country," state Rep. Frank Mautino, D-Spring Valley.

The concealed carry license will cost Illinois residents $150 and will be valid for five years. Other fees for required training courses and finger-printing vary.

One of the architects of the bill, Downstate Democratic State Sen. Gary Forby, says he thinks concealed carry will reduce crime.

"I think it will and I'm hoping it will. What I'm hearing in other states, it has done it. So I feel like, if it's doing it in 49 other states, why wouldn't it do it here?"

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