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Former Bear Matt Forte's Foundation Launching $3 Million Program To Help Black Entrepreneurs In Underserved Chicago Communities

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Matt Forte, who played eight of his 10 years in the NFL with the Bears, still makes his home in Chicago - and he's doing work to make an impact off the field here as well.

The "What's Your Forte Foundation," together with the Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives Finance Group, is launching a $3 million business action.

The goal is to help Black entrepreneurs and small business owners in the underserved communities on Chicago's South and West sides.

"I really just want to help out anybody who's really – has a business, or wants to be an entrepreneur, or is an entrepreneur that may be struggling – and not only to mention that it will be funded, but it will be able to have a longing effect in the community where it does create some jobs, and then in a community that's not used to having wealth or being able to generate it. Being a former football player is great, and like, people remember those things, but when you touch their life, it's something that really takes some stress of off them and expands what they want to do. It helps them out. That's what they'll remember, and that's exactly what I want to do," Forte said.

Forte keeps a close eye on his former team, and has been watching the Bears seemingly spin their wheels for years - especially at the quarterback position.

Some have suggested bringing in a sort of football czar to help George McCaskey and President Ted Phillips with football decisions. But what about using Forte and some other former Bears as a sort of sounding board to bounce ideas off of?

"I think that really could help," Forte said. "Now would they do it? I don't know. I don't know if they would let their pride down a little much to let former players come back in and kind of make some decisions or suggestions, so that would be on them."

Forte's foundation does educational and financial seminars as well. For more information on those seminars or their small business financing program go to the What's Your Forte Foundation website.

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