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Thousands Of Workers Forced To Leave Ford Assembly Plant On Second Day After Reopening

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Day two back on the job for thousands of workers at Chicago's Ford assembly plant did not go as planned. Many were forced to leave early after someone tested positive for COVID-19.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar spoke with some employees who have mixed feelings about being back on the line.

Some of those employees, of course, are thrilled to be back working and earning a paycheck, but they are asking at what cost to their own health and safety?

"I'm worried right now," said employee Timothy Shy. "This is the second day, and we are already hearing about this.

Production was temporarily halted at part of the facility and the main plant.

"Social distancing doesn't really work," said employee Billy Cowart.

There are changes, from the social distancing reminders outside to temperature checks and re-configured work stations inside. Ford provided a video highlighting some of the updated health changes COVID has brought along to their plants

"All these people are crowded and on top of each other," said Michael Hopper while wearing his Ford issued face mask.

"I lost a brother to coronavirus May 6," Hopper said.

Hopper along with others describes an experience inside the plant that doesn't sound or look like the polished video.

"I cleaned my own workstation myself," said Hopper. "How our jobs are set-up, if one person gets in the hole that would affect the person behind him."

A Ford spokesperson says they have had close contact with the employee who tested positive..

They have been disinfecting and cleaning any areas this employee may have touched. Production was expected to resume Tuesday night.

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