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For The Sleep-Deprived, Can A Song Be The Cure?

(CBS) -- Millions of Americans, women in particular, have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. A new idea may help.

CBS 2's Marissa Bailey has more on what is being dubbed the "Sleep Song."

Forty-six percent of woman are sleep-deprived.

Jessica Prewitt; Emilia Schobeiri; Rachel Gerson and Sarah Gulette-Johnson would try just about anything to get a few more hours of precious shuteye.

They would event try the song "Weightless" by Marconi Union.

Jessica, for one, was skeptical, but Rachel says she was "intrigued."

British neuroscientists found the music was 11 percent more relaxing than any other song they tested, including more familiar tunes by Enya; Coldplay and Adele.

They found "Weightless" reduced overall anxiety by 65 percent and lowered resting heart and respiratory rates by 35 percent.

Rush University Medical Center sleep expert Dr. James Herdegen believes the magic is in the melody.

"Weightless" starts at 60 beats per minute. By the end -- eight minutes later -- it drops to 50 beats per minute. That is key, experts say.

"It takes this very melodic, repetitive sound, sometimes with vocals, to help with sleep relaxation," Herdegen says.

But was it relaxing enough to help our ladies fall asleep?

For Rachel and Emilia, no. The song did not work.

But for Sarah and Jessica, "Weightless" worked wonders.

Says Jessica: "This song is emitting some sort of like drug into the air through my phone to put me to sleep at night."

Sarah says the song helps calm down her young children, and Jessica has played it for her niece who has autism and says it relaxes her as well.

For the official version of "Weightless" on YouTube, click here.

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