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Fitness Expert Shares Pumpkin-Inspired Workouts

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It is no secret that pumpkin is one of fall's favorite treats, but a local fitness expert introduces them into our workout, CBS 2's Marissa Bailey reports.

Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour, with Step It Up With Steph, shares a few pumpkin-inspired workouts.

"This will not help you lose weight, but what we're hoping this will do is inspire you to exercise more," Monsour says.

The exerciese include:

  • Pumpkin Press and Squat
  • Pilates Half Rolldown + Press
  • Press
  • Plank Walk-Overs
  • Push-up, Press-Up Plank Walk-Overs

Repeat exercises about 10 times each and you've got a full work-out.

"Five minutes of exercise is shown to increase body image and self esteem," Mansour says. "Anything you can do to step it up, get out of your comfort zone, get moving, that's going to tell your brain that your body likes to move."

Learn about Mansor's free 21-day challenge on her website.



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