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Expert Offers Job-Coaching Tips For McDonald's Applicants

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Oak Brook-based Mcdonald's is holding its first-ever hiring day on Tuesday, hoping to fill 50,000 job openings across the country

That adds up to three or four per store. But how do you make sure you stand out among the thousands? CBS 2's Kate Sullivan asked a job expert for specific tips for three specific scenarios.

Alex Green of says there are ways to enhance your chances of being hired.

Scenario 1: You're 18 years old, in college, and you have limited work experience.

"They have to be able to show that they have some type of experience," Green says. "So, for instance, let's say you worked as a caregiver or a childcare giver, a babysitter or as a nanny or you worked as part of a lawn maintenance staff cutting grass or planting trees. Those are things you want to mention on your resume because they show responsibility and they show initiative."

Scenario 2: You are a single mom of three kids and recently divorced, with a two-year degree from community college. You're desperately trying to get back into the workforce.

"Definitely a difficult scenario," Green concedes. "What we've seen, and we've surveyed a number of people that lost jobs during the recession and after the recession. The people over the last year who have found new jobs, half of those people have found them in different fields entirely."

And that may have to be the case for Scenario 3: You're an overqualified 55-year-old man recently laid off from a job in management.

"I think as you start talking about workers who are a little more mature you really want to focus on your experience. That's the key. The one advantage that you have is that you are bringing experience and intellectual capital to the table," Green says.

But, he cautions, don't overdo it on your resume.

"You don't have to overload it and try and put out the five- or six-page resume. But you want to make sure you focus on the experiences you've had in the past that will really set you up to help out the employer," Green says.

You can apply for a job at McDonalds online or in person. Green says there is no advantage either way, unless you have a personal connection to the store where you are applying.

He also said a thank you note after an interview is the surest indicator of someone who has initiative and passion for the job.

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