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Ed's Driveway: 2020 Ford Police Interceptor

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Ford gave police officers the chance to try out the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor SUV at the Autobahn Country Club racetrack this week.

CBS 2's Ed Curran rode along with the officers.

Curran said it's not just about speed. It's the braking, the cornering, the safety, the cargo space and the fuel savings for the new police-rated hybrid vehicle.

The engine idling is about 60% of an officer's day, and the hybrid batteries can run the radios and other equipment without burning a drop of gas.

Ford's Greg Ebel said this is not just some beefed-up Ford Explorer.

"This is a police-purposed and designed vehicle from the ground up," he said. "The suspension, your tires, your wheels, your brakes, unique engine and transmission calibrations, engine cooler, I can go on but everything you see here is dedicated and designed with a true purpose, for law enforcement."

Curran said the huge brakes are incredibly effective and the SUV didn't dive forward when using them.

This vehicle is available with three different power trains and is built right here in Chicago.

Ford said the city could save about $3,500 in gas cost per vehicle per year and Curran said this could mean more than $9 million a year in saving.

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