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Caught On Dashcam, A Frightening Shootout As Man Is Stuck In Traffic

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A man sitting in traffic on the South Side, suddenly found himself in the middle of a shootout, right in the open.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar spoke with the driver, who tells one wild story.

Along, 87th Street near Lafayette, Huber Pereznegron found himself stopped at a red light--driving with a friend Thursday morning and just running some errands

His dash cam records what happened next, both inside and outside his car.

First someone gets out of the back seat of the car in front of Huber with a long gun and begins shooting. Another man also jumps out of the back seat and fires into traffic—aiming at a car stopped a few vehicles in front of Huber.

"I saw the rifle in his hand, and I really didn't think it was real," Pereznegron said. "I really thought these guys are going to shoot back and im right behind them

Huber and his friend slouched to try and avoid any possible incoming shots—but he doesn't take his seat belt off. He doesn't even blink, staying focused on the action

"I ducked, but I wanted to see," he said.

The rapid gunfire set off a nearby shotspotter—the audio sensor that alerts police to the sound of gunfire.

Two women reported the shooting and a car was struck and a business was damaged.

"I wanted to reverse, but I was kind of trapped," Pereznegron said. "I really couldn't go anywhere. I was stuck."

The first shots are fired from an automatic rifle, but the video shows the magazine appears to drop out from the gun. That's when the shooter apparently grabs a another gun—the sound of the shots are different.

"He starts shooting and all of the sudden the magazine falls out and he stops shooting or otherwise it could have been a lot worse," Pereznegron said.

The light turns green and Pereznegron makes his getaway as he inhales a sigh of relief.

Nobody was hit by those bullets.

Detectives believe the shooters were in a red sedan, possibly a Nissan Altima. No arrests have been made.

Huber says he installed the dashcams about six months ago after a car accident. Never did he think those cameras would be a key piece of evidence in a shooting.

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